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Reducing Copper Coupling

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Specifications of Reducing Coupling

Reducing CouplingCB Part#DescriptionUPCPart No.Carton Qty
Reducing Coupling1106290323/8 OD x 5/16 ODCOUPLING ACR77894211075W10101000
1106290573/8 OD x 1/4 ODCOUPLING ACR77894211130W10111000
1106290601/2 OD x 3/8 ODCOUPLING ACR77894211076W10191000

Reducing CouplingCB Part#DescriptionUPCPart No.Carton Qty
Reducing Coupling1106290721/2 OD x 1/4 ODCOUPLING ACR683264201149W10211000
1106290803/4 OD x 1/2 ODCOUPLING ACR77894211077W1030500
1106290813/4 OD x 5/8 ODCOUPLING ACR77894211078W1029500
1106290823/4 x 3/8REDUCING COUPLING AC77894211301W1031500
1106010005/8 x 1/4REDUCING COUPLING AC77894211188W10271000
1106290845/8 x 3/8REDUCING COUPLING AC77894211079W10251000
1106290855/8 x 1/2REDUCING COUPLING AC77894211080W10231000
1106290947/8 x 3/8REDUCING COUPLING AC77894211189W1038500
1106290957/8 x 1/2REDUCING COUPLING AC77894211190W1037500
1106290967/8 x 5/8REDUCING COUPLING AC77894211081W1036500
1106291027/8 x 3/4REDUCING COUPLING AC77894211082W1035500
11062910411/8 x 1/2REDUCING COUPLING AC77894211191W1052250
11062910511/8 x 5/8REDUCING COUPLING AC77894211083W1051250
11062910911/8 x 7/8REDUCING COUPLING AC77894211084W1049250
11062913011/8 x 3/4REDUCING COUPLING AC0W1050250
11062914513/8 x 5/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211192W1060100
11062914713/8 x 7/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211193W1058100
11062915113/8 x 11/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211086W1056100
11062915515/8 x 5/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211194W1069100
11062915715/8 x 7/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211195W1067100
11062916115/8 x 11/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211087W1065100
11062920521/8 x 11/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211196W1075100
11062921421/8 x 15/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211088W1073100
11062921515/8 x 13/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211089W1064100
11062925021/8 x 5/8RED COUPLING ACR683264201415W1079100
11062925121/8 x 7/8RED COUPLING ACR683264307902W1077100
11062925221/8 x 13/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211302W1074100
11062928925/8 x 11/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211297W108650
11062929025/8 x 13/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211303W108550
11062929125/8 x 15/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211304W108450
11062929225/8 x 21/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211197W108350
11062933731/8 x 15/8RED COUPLING ACR683264201484W109520
11062933831/8 x 21/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211309W109420
11062933931/8 x 25/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211341W109320
11062934135/8 x 31/8RED COUPLING ACR683264201491W1010116
11062942141/8 x 25/8RED COUPLING ACR683264201521W1011032
11062942241/8 x 31/8RED COUPLING ACR77894211342W1010932
11062942341/8 x 35/8RED COUPLING ACR683264308404W1010832
11062952451/8 x 41/8RED COUPLING ACR683264201545W101166

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