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Copper Tube Strap • Two-Hole

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copper tube strap
copper 2 hole strap

Specifications of Copper Tube Strap • Two-Hole

Copper Tube StrapCB Part#DescriptionUPCPart No.Carton Qty
Copper Tube Strap • Two-Hole 1106930001/4 ODCOPPER TUBE STRAP77894211272A12032000
1106930023/8 ODCOPPER TUBE STRAP77894211273A12782000
1106930041/2 ODCOPPER TUBE STRAP77894211274A13662000
1106930055/8 ODCOPPER TUBE STRAP77894211275A25291000
1106930063/4 ODCOPPER TUBE STRAP77894211276A14671000
1106930077/8 ODCOPPER TUBE STRAP77894211277A25741000
11069301011/8 ODCOPPER TUBE STRAP77894211278A26141000
11069301515/8 ODCOPPER TUBE STRAP77894211280A2675500
11069302021/8 ODCOPPER TUBE STRAP77894211298A2708800

CopperTube Strap ·Two-HoleItem No.DiameterEachWt.Inner Qty.Master Qty.
Wrot Style #: WS-1100A 012031/4"0.01001004,000
Copper Tube Strap • Two-HoleA 012783/8"0.01001005,600
A 013661/2"0.01001003,400
A 025295/8"0.01001001,500
A 014673/4"0.01001002,000
A 025747/8"0.010050750
A 026141-1/8"0.020050750
A 026501-3/8"0.040050500
A 026751-5/8"0.050050500
A 027082-1/8"0.060050500

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