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Copper Plug Fitting

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copper plug fitting

Specifications of Copper Plug Fitting

Plug · FittingItem No.DiameterEachWt.Inner Qty.Master Qty.
FTGA 014021/4"0.010050500
Wrot Style #: WC-416A 014223/8"0.01001004,000
BrassA 013921/2"0.0200502,000
Copper Plug FittingA 015045/8"0.0300501,200
A 022733/4"0.050010560
A 015297/8"0.070050600
A 015561-1/8"0.120025375
A 015901-3/8"0.200015180

A 016281-5/8"0.280010120

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