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HVAC Pneumatic Fittings

At Yaheng, we understand that precision control is vital for an efficient and responsive HVAC system.  That's where our high-performance HVAC pneumatic fittings come into play.  These fittings are the backbone of the pneumatic control systems used in countless HVAC applications, ensuring smooth operation and optimal comfort.

Yaheng's brass pneumatic fittings are meticulously crafted from robust and corrosion-resistant brass, making them ideal for the demanding environment within your HVAC system.  They offer secure connections for the air pressure lines that transmit control signals to various HVAC components, like dampers and valves.

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hvac pneumatic fittings

Benefits of HVAC Pneumatic Fittings

  • Reliable Performance:  Our fittings ensure leak-free connections, maintaining consistent air pressure for precise control.

  • Durability:  The solid brass construction withstands the wear and tear of everyday HVAC operation.

  • Versatility:  We offer a wide range of fittings to accommodate different tubing sizes and configurations in your system.

  • Easy Installation:  Our fittings are designed for efficient assembly, streamlining the installation process.

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