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HVAC Duct Fittings

At Yaheng, we understand the importance of a well-functioning HVAC system.  Efficient air distribution throughout your building relies on a network of essential components – and that's where Yaheng's HVAC duct and fittings come in.  We offer a comprehensive selection of air conditioning duct fittings for your HVAC ductwork needs, ensuring optimal airflow and system performance.

Our HVAC ductwork supplies are designed to seamlessly integrate with various duct materials, allowing you to create a customized and efficient air delivery system.  Whether you're working on new construction, renovations, or maintenance, Yaheng has the HVAC ductwork fittings to get the job done right.

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Types of HVAC Duct Fittings

  • Reducers and Increasers:  Imagine your air ducts as a network of roads. Reducers act like on-ramps, smoothly transitioning airflow from a larger diameter duct to a smaller one. Conversely, increasers function like exit ramps, guiding airflow from a narrower duct to a wider one.

  • Elbows:  These fittings, as the name suggests, make directional changes in ductwork possible.  Most elbows offer adjustability, allowing for precise bends to navigate around obstacles or create complex layouts.

  • End Caps (Round Caps):  Just like putting a lid on a jar, end caps seal the open ends of ducts, preventing air leaks and maintaining optimal system pressure.

  • Straight Pipes and Flex Pipes:  These workhorses form the backbone of your duct system, offering straight sections in various lengths and diameters.  Flex pipes add an element of versatility, accommodating tight spaces or situations requiring bends that rigid ducts can't handle.

  • Flex Connector Unions:  As the name suggests, these fittings connect multiple pieces of flexible duct, ensuring a continuous and leak-proof airflow path.

  • Register Boot Boxes:  These essential components bridge the gap between your ductwork and the air vents (diffusers) in each room.  They ensure proper airflow distribution throughout the space, delivering comfortable temperatures.

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