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Copper Coupling w/o Stop

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hvac copper couplings

Specifications of Coupling w/o Stop

Coupling w/o StopCB Part#DescriptionUPCPart No.Carton Qty
Coupling w/o Stop1106280001/4COUPLING W/O STOP ACR685768208143W1900500
1106280023/8COUPLING W/O STOP ACR683264309487W1901500
1106280041/2COUPLING W/O STOP ACR683264201705W1902500
1106280055/8COUPLING W/O STOP ACR683264309524W1903500
1106280063/4COUPLING W/O STOP ACR77894211258W1904500
1106280077/8COUPLING W/O STOP ACR77894211252W1905500
11062801011/8COUPLING W/O STOP ACR77894211253W1906250
11062801213/8COUPLING W/O STOP ACR77894211254W1907200
11062801515/8COUPLING W/O STOP ACR683264201767W1908100
11062802021/8COUPLING W/O STOP ACR683264309661W190916
11062804041/8COUPLING W/O STOP ACR683264309746W191316

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