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Welcome to Yaheng — the manufacturer offering high-quality accessories of refrigeration and other items. Explore our range of products, including HVAC copper pipe fittings, brass fittings, aluminum pipe fittings, and stainless steel pipes, discover the excellence of Yaheng and make the best choice for your unique demands.

Features of Yaheng HVAC Pipe Fittings

Features of Yaheng HVAC Pipe Fittings

Wide applications
Environmentally friendly
Features of Yaheng HVAC Pipe Fittings

Our products are suitable for various projects, such as automobile air conditioner, household/commercial air conditioner, refrigerator, compressor, wall-hanging furnace, heat exchanger, etc.

Features of Yaheng HVAC Pipe Fittings

All of our products are made from strong and durable material, allowing accessories to maintain their structural integrity over extended periods.

Features of Yaheng HVAC Pipe Fittings

The materials used for producing our accessories are recycleable and energy-efficient.

HVAC Fittings Applications

HVAC fittings are indispensable across a diverse range of industries, each requiring specialized solutions to meet unique heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. In the automotive sector, auto AC fittings are crucial for ensuring a comfortable cabin environment, while residential systems depend on these components for efficient air distribution and energy savings. Heat pumps and gas boilers utilize specific fittings to enhance their heating efficiency, whereas portable fridge freezers rely on them for maintaining optimal temperatures during transport. Commercial chillers and the Transicold industry, which focuses on refrigerated transport, also depend on HVAC fittings to ensure large-scale and logistical cooling needs are met efficiently. These fittings not only ensure the operational efficiency and safety of HVAC systems but also contribute significantly to energy conservation and the comfort of end-users across various settings.

01 Auto AC Fittings
02 Residential
03 Heat Pump
04 Gas Boiler
05 Portable Fridge Freezer
06 Commercial Chiller
07 Transicold

Adequate Choices for HVAC Pipe Fittings Materails

Yaheng provides diverse fittings which can be made from copper, brass, aluminum or stainless steel. 

If you attach great importance to corrosion resistance, all of our products can be chosen. While for high-pressure or high-temperature applications, stainless steel fittings are typically the most suitable products; for malleability, it would be brass fittings; for excellent thermal conductivity, it would be copper fittings. And when it comes to lightweight property, aluminum fittings would be preferred.

In summary, we can offer you whatever you like.

What Is The Purpose Of HVAC Fittings?

The purpose of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) fittings is to facilitate the proper distribution and redirection of air within a heating or cooling system. These fittings play a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency and functionality of HVAC systems by connecting various components and allowing for the smooth flow of air. HVAC fittings serve the critical function of enabling the efficient and controlled movement of air within a heating or cooling system, contributing to the comfort, energy efficiency, and overall performance of the system.

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