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Intermediate Radius 90 Copper Elbow

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radius 90 elbow

Specifications of Intermediate Radius 90 Elbow

Intermediate Radius 90 ElbowCB Part#DescriptionUPCPart No.Carton Qty
Intermediate Radius 90 Elbow1106060001/4INT RAD 90 EL ACR77894211014W20031000
1106060023/8INT RAD 90 EL ACR77894211015W20091000
1106060041/2INT RAD 90 EL ACR77894211016W20171000
1106060055/8INT RAD 90 EL ACR77894211017W2022500
1106060063/4INT RAD 90 EL ACR77894211018W2028250
1106060077/8INT RAD 90 EL ACR77894211019W2034250
11060601011/8INT RAD 90 EL ACR77894211020W2047100
11060601213/8INT RAD 90 EL ACR77894211021W2084200
11060601515/8INT RAD 90 EL ACR77894211022W2085120
11060602021/8INT RAD 90 EL ACR77894211023W208680
11060602525/8INT RAD 90 EL ACR685768208754W208740
11060603031/8INT RAD 90 EL ACR685768208761W208824
11060603535/8INT RAD 90 EL ACR685768208778W20898
11060604041/8INT RAD 90 EL ACR685768208785W20908

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